7X Line: BIG and flexible

The new generation of high-capacity Sepro robots.
A line of high-performance, multipurpose 5-axis robots for managing complex universal applications.

5 Dual Arm

A range of 5-axis dual arm robots specially designed to manage three-plate mold unloading applications.

6 Axis robots
6X Visual: Sepro – Stäubli

A range of industrial polyarticulated robots with 6 servo axes controlled by the Visual 3 control system for universal automated solutions.

Success: The success of your applications

A range of 3-axis robots for simple pick & place and stacking operations.
The ideal robot for the automation of the smallest injection molding machines.

6X Visual: Sepro – Yaskawa

The range of 6-axis polyarticulated robots: 6X Visual combined with the Sepro Visual 3 control platform offers a Premium solution for carrying out all tasks, from simple unloading […]

sepro_iml_se350mp_fip2014_recadré (1)
IML : In-Mold-Labelling system

An innovative solution for placing IML labels at high speed for the packaging industry.

_Photo produit S5 Picker2_719x477
S5 Picker – 3 linear CNC-axis picker

S5 Picker is a fast and versatile beam-mounted Cartesian sprue picker with 3 numeric axes. Designed like a small Sepro robot, it can be integrated in the […]

Strong, for the Future

A line of 3-axis robots for simple unloading operations.
The latest generation of robots for automation on Injection Molding Machines with capacities of 700 tons and above.

S7 Line: The BIG industrial robots

The New generation of 3-axis robots for automation on large IMM.
Cutting-edge design for robots that are specially adapted to the specific needs of automotive manufacturers and suppliers.

Multi Inject

A range of 3-axis robots specially designed for transverse unloading of multi-injection IMMs equipped with a secondary vertical injection unit.

5X Line : Truly flexible

A 5-axis robot range, high performance and versatile for managing complex and universal applications. A Sepro innovation.